Omra 2016 maroc

PROGRAMME OMRA 2016 Maroc Mawlid , bénéficier d’un séjour omra 2016 dans notre agence avec tout les programmes, premier départs au début de décembre …


The omra maroc 2015 is an annual event occurring every year in the Islamic calendar. As a religious duty, every Muslim is required to undertake this pilgrimage once in their lifetime. However, the economic situation can place a constraint and some difficulty on the efforts of those planning to take up this endeavour. The holy city of Mecca in Saudi Arabia draws millions of pilgrims during its holy months of visits. This pilgrimage is inclusive of accommodations as well. The  and the omra are important pilgrimages in the lives of devout Muslims helping them acquire much spiritual blessings.The forty days of Hajj is an experience every Muslim wishes to undertake. Apart form being a source of great spiritual blessings, it is also a means to new beginnings. This pilgrimage is a once in a lifetime opportunity for some and hence they are carefully planned making sure that every Muslim can take complete advantage of this spiritual endeavour. However, specialized care packages that fulfil individual needs and requirements are an ideal solution to get here. Predominantly, Islamic faith considers the omra as the minor pilgrimage and the Hajj as the major pilgrimage.

omra 2015 maroc

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